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Pregnancy Diets

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Running While Pregnant

If you are a runner and you are used to running long distance, then you are advised to tone down a little to avoid strain that can jeopardize your health as well as the life of your baby. Avoid exerting too much and make sure you will not become overheated, especially if you are living in a hotter climate.

Is It Safe?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with pregnancy. Traditionally, if you are pregnant you are advised to avoid activities that require too much exertion. If you are a runner and you get pregnant, you can still continue to do your running routine as long as you apply precautionary measures. The best thing to do is to contact your doctor first before performing any forms of vigorous exercises, especially running. According to Maternal Fitness Program by Julie Tupler, pregnancy is not the perfect time to initiate a running routine.

First Trimester

If you are on your first trimester of pregnancy and you want to continue running, then you can do so as long as you are going to tone down a bit and drink plenty of water before and after running. You should make sure you will not become dehydrated as it might cause premature contraction and decrease blood flow. You should work on your running outfit too. Wear comfortable shoes, which provide perfect support for your feet. Aside from that, you should as well wear protective clothing especially sports bra.

Second Trimester

During this time, your tummy gradually grows and this results to shifting of gravity. Hence, you are more prone to falls and slips. If you still want to continue running on your second trimester, then you should run on flat pavement. You should have safety precautions, especially if you lose your balance. Avoid trauma to your abdomen. It is best to fall on your behind or on your side to avoid any complications. If your pregnancy progresses, you should be running on a track.

Third Trimester

You can still run up to third trimester, but you should be very careful and that strict precautionary measure should be applied. Do not exhaust yourself too much. If you are already tired, then take a break and relax. If you are a long distance runner, then you should dramatically tone down if you are on your third trimester of pregnancy. Instead of running, you can just do some walking exercises.

Benefits of Running During Pregnancy

There are a lot of benefits associated with running during pregnancy. As a matter of fact, it is considered the best form of pregnancy exercises. Some of the benefits associated with running during pregnancy are discussed below;

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Are you a runner, but trying to conceive? Pregnant runners are thinking of giving up their career for nine months just to ensure that they will have a healthier and safer pregnancy and delivery. When it comes to performing various exercises for pregnant women, the opinion greatly varies. Is it really advisable to continue running while pregnant? The answer is maybe. The answer will be based on your general health as well as the extent of running. If you have a difficult and stressful pregnancy, then it is best to avoid running. If you are pregnant, you should stay physically active as this has a lot of benefits to offer for you and for your baby. The thing is that you should not overexert.

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Running is a good form of exercise, especially if you are pregnant. However, there are certain warning signs you should be aware of. Don’t overexert yourself or push yourself to the limits. There are warning signs and if you are regularly running even if you are pregnant, then you should be watchful of these signs to prevent further complication. You should stop running and consult your doctor immediately if you experience one of the following:

Running While Pregnant